Thursday, December 22, 2011

Highest Paid Profession

i was walking this afternoon, when i overheard a conversation among 4 boys, elementary students, around the corner of the street.
"Who do you think has the highest salary?"
"Well, i have to say footballer. Especially when the season starts"
"No, you dumb-ass (pardon the language), the highest paid profession will be the president"
"I think the General in Army will be the winner. They get more salary than policemen, right?"

The conversation continue, as i walked away to my office.
It is funny how generation changes. When i was their age, i never think about what profession will get the highest salary. I only think about what i want to be in the future. I want to be a doctor. Because i dream on singing to my patients during their examination haha. Unfortunately, i dislike science. And i do not like needles. Hence, i change my goal.

Despite the young age they had, those kids had been thinking about money in ways i never thought about when i was their age. Those kids had been thinking about how to earn a lot of money, due to the increasing prices of our daily needs. And it's not wrong. But, somehow i still prefer to work on something that i love, even though i do not earn money as much as president (for example). Yes, it sounds too cliche. But i really hope my path of work will eventually lead me there. Quoting a line i remember the most from a book called "Letters to Matthew", "Find your passion, and you'll never need to work again". Well, I am on my way there :)

For those kids, i sure hope a bright future awaits for you.
Till then, be good at school. Play often. Fight several times. And just enjoy whatever episode life brings to you :)

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